Customised hydration

The main idea of the Gemini Bottle 2.0 is to give the athlete the ability to customise his or her hydration.

We all know gels shouldn’t be taken all at once, and even the manufacturers recommend that they are consumed with up to 300ml of water. This is a difficult thing to do at the best of times! The best outcome is to take a small amount of gel and water about every 10mins, as this allows your stomach to process the solution far more efficiently. It works best this way as the solution is closer to an isotonic solution and is absorbed far quicker into the body. That’s why we created the Gemini Bottle 2.0.

The technical part

The pod is made of two main parts: the pod itself and the lid. Both these parts have a one-way valve which allows water to enter at the bottom, pass through the pod, and exit at the top where it continues through to the mouth piece for consumption. The pod has a series of vanes which help to spin the incoming water, thereby mixing it with the contents of the pod. If the pod contains gel, it dilutes it so it can be more readily consumed. If the pod is loaded with electrolytes, the powder is saturated and becomes a hypertonic solution (hyper concentrated). This allows the user to carry a larger amount of electrolyte but in a more user-friendly way. You simply turn the dial to mixed and suck the water through and into the mouthpiece, giving you a diluted mix of water and hypertonic solution. This allows you to get the energy or electrolytes needed, and then switch back to plain water afterwards.

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